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Nimai's Borneo- Mother And Child Care Hospital

Borneo is India's fastest growing Mother and Child Hospitals, known for its devoted patient care, luxurious infrastructure and advanced technology. Nimai Institute of Medical Sciences Private Limited (NIMS) was founded by its founder chairman Dr Santosh N. Madrewar, a renowned Pediatrician, who has designed a unique Mother and Child Health Concept, integrating modern medical management with Ayurvedic treatments and traditional Indian ethos making Pregnancy and Birthing a Joyous Celebrations and Child development focused on Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Well-being. We at Borneo want make an impact on Mother and Child Health status in India and Developing World, so as to make our nation healthy and strong.

Women & Mother Care

Women & mother care refer to healthcare services and support provided to women throughout their reproductive years.

Pediatric Care

Healthcare services offered to infants, kids, and teenagers are referred to as pediatric care.



Management Team

Our Team is trained specifically to provide charity towards patients and sensitivity towards society.

Dr. Santosh N Madrewar


Madhav B Birajdar


Dr. Sandip Lokhande


Why Choose Borneo Hospital


Medical Counselling

Involves the provision of guidance and support to individuals dealing with medical conditions.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are physical locations where healthcare services are provided to individuals.

Personal Services

Personal services provided to an individual on a one-on-one basis to address their specific medical needs.


Top Level Doctors

Highly skilled & renowned physicians who achieved significant recognition in their respective fields.

24 Hours Services

These hospitals equipped to handle emergencies, provide critical care, & offer continuous medical attention.

Patient Care

Healthcare that focuses on providing personalized and comprehensive care to individual patients.

28Years of Experience

25Our Centers

5700IVF Performed

Experience Personalized Care and Exceptional Fertility Treatment at Borneo IVF Center

At Borneo IVF Center, we prioritize personalized care for all our patients, recognizing the significance of individualized treatment on their fertility journey. With our state-of-the-art facility and a team of experienced doctors, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and support.

Core Values

  • Ethical conduct
  • Professional integrity and transparency
  • Patient-centric quality care with commitment and compassion.
  • To ensure that all patients receive the best results, we adhere to standards and protocols.
  • By passing on the benefits of the newest advancements to patients, we hope to become a preeminent research facility and pursue continuous improvement.
  • We will function as a teaching hospital, educating and empowering the upcoming generation of medical professionals to reach their full potential as leaders in the field of women's and children's health care.
  • Accountability: strict financial management based on unwavering integrity in order to fulfill our higher goals.

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